Accounting services/Tax prep services

We provide professional tax, accounting and advisory services to individuals and businesses:

Accounting firm of Harjit Singh Ghuman, CGA has team of qualified accounting professionals to assist with all of your business and personal tax, accounting and payroll needs. We have many years of experience in Personal tax analysis, corporate tax accounting, business entity formation, audits and payroll services.

We provide professional tax, accounting and advisory services to individuals and businesses:

In Canada preparation of tax returns is becoming more and more complex by the constant expansion and amendment of the federal and provincial tax rules. If prepared incorrectly, you could be missing out on tax credits or tax deductions, resulting in more tax than you should be paying.

We see beyond numbers:
With Harjit Singh Ghuman, CGA in your side you can effectively:

Anticipate the challenges and opportunities ahead
Determine how the business can and will grow
Identify strengths and eliminate weaknesses
Put proactive measures in place

Accounting/Bookkeeping and Tax preparation
Harjit Singh Ghuman, CGA can help you on:

  • Financial Statements for Small Business Corporations, Proprietox rships, Professionals and Partnerships
  • Corporation Income Tax Returns
  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Preparation and Tax Planning of Late Filed Returns and Voluntary Disclosures
  • Tax Planning for the Family, Employees, the Self-Employed, Investors and the Retired
  • Net Worth Statements to Keep Track of Your Retirement Goals
  • Rental Statements for Landlords
  • Assistance with Decisions to Buy or Sell a Business including Valuation
  • Breakeven Analysis for a Start-Up Business
  • Goods and Services (GST) and Harmonized Sales (HST) Returns
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Returns (WSIB)
  • Employer Health Tax Returns (EHT)
  • Bookkeeping (QuickBooks ProAdvisor), Payroll Administration including T4 Preparation, and Payroll
  • Business Loan Assistance with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
  • Tax Returns for Deceased Persons
  • Trust Income Tax Returns and Estate Planning
  • Estate, Disability and Retirement Succession Planning for the Business Owner


As a Mississauga based logistics business owner I know Harjit Singh Ghuman, CGA for several years now. Through his work he has earned our confidence and admiration, hence recommended his services without hesitation

S. Grewal
Logistics Management Director
Mississauga, ON