Personal TAX service

Individual or family: we take care of your TAX issue

Personal tax service may cover a variety of different tax issues including but not limited to: income from employment; investment income; rental income; business income; professional income; old age benefits; tax return amendments; objections and appeals; allowable employee expenses and more...

We man not like taxes, but if we do a little tax planning and claim all the credits and deductions available to us, we may just change the outcome to our advantage.

Information is the key: and Knowledge is power
For personal/family Tax matters contact Harjit Singh Ghuman to findout how you can save on tax and claim all deductibles and befefits you and your family rightfully deserve!

We can prepare all types of personal tax returns, including owner operated small businesses, rental properties, commission income, foreign income, childcare expenses and much more

"Preparing personal tax returns can be complex, especially considering the changes in Canadian personal tax laws that are constantly taking place." highlights veteran Personal Tax Expert Harjit Singh Ghuman, CGA. He warns "If prepared incorrectly, you could be missing out on tax credits or tax deductions, resulting in more tax than you should be paying."

Harjit Singh Ghuman, CGA may be contacted for personal Tax matters such as:

  • Social Assistance and Benefit returns
  • Provincial tax credit returns
  • Single Parent returns
  • Married couple tax returns
  • Family tax returns
  • Student returns
  • Seniors returns
  • Salaried and commission employee returns
  • Truck Driver returns
  • Rental returns
  • Non-resident returns
  • Returns with disability credits
  • Business returns
  • New Immigrants returns
  • Capital Gains (Losses) returns
  • Returns with Stock Option Benefit and Deduction
  • Returns with Clergy Residence/losses of other years Deduction
  • Terminal return for a deceased person


It was a pleasant surprise. I thought I would owe taxes this year but Harjit got me a refund.

B. Brar
Resident, Mississauga